First Impression

Ayn makes you feel as if there is an elite group of individuals in this world. Either you comprehend her way of life or you are what is wrong with this Earth. There seems to be a clear duality in this division with no shades of grey. Instead of going over the plot and underlying messages. I am going to talk about the main charachters and what they represent in this novel.

Howard Roarke

Mr. Roarke is above all the consumate badass. He is quiet, confident and self-assured in who he is as a man and what he can offer to this world. It is refreshing to witness this kind of protagonist in a story. Most of the main men in today’s narratives are dumbling dorks that luckily get the girl because nice guys always finish first. Rand stays true to her philosophy of life with Fountain Head. She shows that if you align your life with your passions and work hard then not only will you find people will accept you for you, but you will realize all of your aspirations and dreams. Roarke takes what he wants when he wants. He appals any and all cooperation with his work. He admits and can be seen as someone with absolutley zero social skills. His devotion toward architecture borders on the manic, but he is a great exemplar of how to be self-assured as a human being. The main lesson to learn from this charachter is

Elsworth Tooey

He is the main antagonist in the novel. At first glance you might be drawn to his perceived aura and impressive venacular. He is an intriguing character that I believe Rand purposely made seductive. He is able to manipulate most other characters in the novel. Rand does a great job showing you how previous men and countries alike have succumb to one man’s manipulation. In my opinion, Tooey serves almost as a paradigm for the for Ayn Rand’s version of the antichrist. He promises eternal happiness through self-sacrifice and denowncing your own pursuits of pleasure in this mortal world. He represents socialism and the destruction of the ego. Rand views this as the destruction of one’s soul and self. Through mysticism and increased governemntal control, Tooey tries to enslave the world because he believes it is what most of mankind naturally yearns for. To be controlled.

Gale Wynand

This Leader of industry and CEO of the largest newspaper organization in the country models Objectivism’s proof that anyone can achieve greatness through an unatural preserverence and ungodly devotion for greatness. Mr. Weinen started out in the slums of New York. He escaped the jaws of death twice to rule his own gang then the nation’s media. Rand paints a crystal clear picture of how a successful person thinks, feels and acts in all regards of life. He falls in line with Objectivism in his beleifs, but his actions in his newspaper are incongruent. He promotes smut and mindless dribble about useless topics. I believe Ayn does this to represents how the majority of society blindly accepts what our media spouts off. Gale knows what the masses want in order to come into power. He doesn’t care about society as a whole, but only his own selfish desire. This is seen as virtuous and glorified in the Rand’s philosophical way of life.

Dominique Francon

The sabotaging seductress. She is the daugher of a famous architectual tycoon. She tries to first sabotage Roarke’s work and destroy him as a man. This can be seen as her testing his capacity to become great. She would often take a commision away from him and then go and have sex with him later that night. She also believes strongly that most of mankind does not deserve to see true talent and works of art because they wouldn’t even know it when its right in front of them.

Peter Keating plays the antihero in the novel. He is equivelant to the tragedy charachter. He starts off as a man that is on the top of his class leaving college. He then gets picked up by the top firm in the city and quickly rises to the top to become partner. In his wake he secretly gets two men fired and one even dies of a heartattack from Peter’s possible blackmailing.
This resembles how some men might rise to the top in their career, but sell their soul in the process. Peter gets everything he wants. After getting his patrnership and being named top architect in the nation, he questions why he is not happy. Ayn is illustrating through Peter how if you don’t follow your passion and listen to what other people tell you to do then you will never be happy. Peter spends his whole life taking credit from others and trying to please them in order to get ahead. In the end he becomes a broken man that begs for help. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and wish he would just grow a pair and take what he wants.

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