Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement

Everything we talk about in the training and all of our members’ posts are highly confidential. In order to encourage members to open up about their porn-dependency in the facebook group and the live calls, and combat this once and for all, we guarantee 100% confidentiality to all of the members from our part. In order to keep stories of our clients confidential, please agree to these terms:

Terms of Use Agreement

At Pinnacle of Man™, we are committed to upholding the action steps necessary to achieve the personal goals Josh has set for himself.


You have committed to yourself to learn how to quit porn for good to go on and reach your full potential as a man. In order to succeed on this journey, you must commit to follow this training in its entirety and make certain commitments:

I understand that all previous Dopamine Discipline men who have gotten results before me made these same commitments and took action every day. 


I understand that if I do not follow these commitments, I do not qualify for the action-based money-back guarantee.


I am dedicated to following the path laid before me with a positive attitude and will do whatever it takes to genuinely help myself succeed within the coaching program.


I understand that the only way to truly fail is to quit and give up. Because of this, I am going to stay committed to success in this area of my life.


Read the following declaration aloud and when finished, sign the last page to commit to following them. It is vitally important that you read each of these commitments and internalize the values they espouse.

Commitment of Integrity

“I am a man who takes full responsibility for my life. I am the only person responsible for my actions and success in my life.


I understand that success simply comes from understanding what is in my power and what is not. From there, I choose to take action from what I can control.


I am a responsible, powerful and wise man”

Commitment of Honesty

I speak with honesty and complete congruence with my thoughts, actions, and emotions. 


Lying, even slightly about anything, weakens my capacity to fully live as the man I want to become.


I am a sincere, authentic, and truthful man.”

Commitment of Consistency

“I understand that there is no magic-pill solution that solves problems overnight and I know that this training is not guaranteeing overnight solutions.


I recognize that all success comes from doing little things every day that most people are not willing to do. I know that by taking daily action toward fear and resistance, I grow by 1% each day. 


I enjoy the journey of getting to where I want, just as much as the peak of the mountain. I find gratitude and peace in my daily high-value practice and habits. 


I commit to use this training as a guidance on my journey, not as a magic-pill solution that will do everything for me. I know I need to put in the effort, which is the only factor that determines my success.


I am a disciplined, reliable and successful man.”

Commitment of Persistence

“I recognize that enthusiasm is common and endurance is rare. Failures (or possible relapses) are a part of the path to getting what I want. Obstacles highlight what I need to do to improve. I welcome mistakes because they are opportunities for growth.


I am a determined, patient, and powerful man”

Commitment of Compassion

“Above all else, I will be compassionate toward myself. I recognize that one of the biggest causes of relapses and failure is when I am too hard on myself. By being kind and understanding about my failures, they will reduce over time. 


I am a loving, caring and empathetic man”

Commitment of Community

“I know that service cultivates and maintains success. I recognize that the growth I get from those more successful than me is equally as valuable as the growth and insight I give to those steps behind me. 


I choose to uphold respect, dignity, and acceptance for men with differing opinions and values than my own. I choose to conduct myself with candor, compassion, and respect toward my fellow man in the community


I am a supportive, respectful and genuine man”

User Agreement & Black-and-White Refund Policy

In order to access the Dopamine Discipline program, you must digitally sign the agreement. You agree to and understand the following terms and conditions you see in our refund policy. There are no hidden conditions in the agreement. 


At Pinnacle of Man™, we stand behind the ability of our digital products and services for you to achieve the goals you set. Because of this, we simply ask that you give this program your ultimate attempt on all measures.


Pinnacle of Man™ (Etos LLC) is a service-based consulting organization and we are fully eligible to be compensated for our time, experience, expertise, advisory, consulting, and services. Any amount earned in its scope of services is not refundable unless expressly declared. There will be No Refunds if you are dismissed from the program; do not meet the program requirements, or drop out of the program without notice.

This agreement is considered in “Black & White” format. This guarantee means that when you have taken the action steps below and have not gotten the desired results, you simply submit proof for approval within 30 days of your purchase to [email protected] and you get a refund no-questions-asked. There is no “grey-area”. If you have not taken the required action-steps then you will not receive a refund. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


These actions are required to be completed for your own success. Men who have consistently followed all of the steps required have achieved their desired goals in this domain. We are simply asking you to follow the course as it was intended upon the purchase. Men who give up at the first point of resistance, never achieve success, no matter how often they start things.


In order to access your Dopamine Discipline program purchase, you must digitally sign that you agree to the following terms and conditions listed below.


Dopamine Discipline comes with an action-based, 30-day “Black and White” refund guarantee.

Terms of the Black & White Refund Guarantee

  1. The client/purchaser must complete to the satisfaction of Pinnacle of Man™, in its sole and absolute discretion. All moduled of the Dopamine Discipline course via videos and exercises. Tracked usage will be applied to each client through video hosting software.

  2. The client/purchaser must attend minimum 4 live “Q&A” calls in their entirety and show participation.

  3. The client must show proof of all exercises completed (“Checklists” after each video) and the client must show participation in Facebook coaching group at a minimum of 3 posts per week.

  4. Clients must document to the satisfaction of Pinnacle of Man™, what they learned and implemented every day. This documentation is done in client’s Journal or via google docs and Pinnacle of Man will be provided with time stamps or pictures of the journal handwriting.

  5. If during the course a client “You” successfully withstained from engaging in porn and or masturabtion for over 14 days then this is a sign of early success. Therefore the program’s use has been shown to be effective and a refund will be null and void. If the client has done everything in steps 1-4, and a client still requests a refund, the client must schedule and attend a one on one call via zoom with Josh Hudson LMFT or one of our coaches in order to discuss the possibility of a refund.

If and only if the client qualifies by completing all required tasks to the satisfaction of Pinnacle of Man™, at their sole and absolute discretion, Pinnacle of Man™ will refund their purchase of all material and additionally credit their account. If this happens, the client/purchaser shall not be entitled to any of the material, live coaching sessions, group posts, and engagement. Additionally, the client is not allowed to disclose any training content or name of the members in the group and is fully liable in case that happens. Refunds will be issued through the Original Mode of Payment or via Bank Transfer or Check where it is not possible to refund via the original mode of payment. Any refund once approved, will be processed within 30-45 working days


By signing this document you agree that these conditions and terms are acceptable and reasonable.


You agree that you fully understand that our staff is always willing to work with you and will always honor any guarantee. For any refund requests or support, please reach out to [email protected] where our staff will help you out!


However, if you file a dispute or chargeback with the bank of the payment processor (PayPal, AmEx, or any other payment processor), you forfeit your refund and your account will be reported as fraud, sent to collection, and possibly pursued legally. You have zero risk of this issue as long as you speak with our staff by emailing them at [email protected]. We will not tolerate any fraud of any kind. We reserve to collect data via IP address and any other personal verification.


This 30 day “Black & White” refund guarantee does not look at your personal issues as forms of consideration, strictly and only the criteria stated above. This is why the refund guarantee is called the “Black & White” refund guarantee.

The following reasons do not allow for the qualification of refund:

  • You changed your mind
  • You lost motivation
  • You ran into sudden financial difficulties
  • You found a better way to quit
  • The program is not what you expected
  • The program is confusing or too difficult to follow
  • You do not have access to the technology to utilize the program in its entirety
  • Personal emergency and/or family situations
  • Any other reason that is unrelated to the action-based criteria above

As repeated above, we create these refund agreements because we know with certainty that if you follow the above guidelines and system of Dopamine Discipline, you will get results.

    Please sign below if you accept the terms & conditions

    Name in full:

    I fully understand that in order to claim a refund or get billing help, I may contact the support any time via support by emailing us at [email protected]

    I understand that Pinnacle of Man staff is willing to work with me and honor any guarantee:

    I agree not to sue Etos LLC and agree that the Etos LLC liability does not exceed the monetary value of the purchased product or service

    You fully understand and agree that you have received access to Dopamine Discipline

    Purchase Email address: