Below Is My Master list of all the Self-Development Books I have read that have helped my improve my life. There are sections on Dating, Relationships, Spirituality, Therapy, Success and Psychology/Misc. I will constantly update this list as time goes on. The *** books are some of my favorites.



The Tao of the Badass -Joshua Pellicer

Social Circle Mastery -Love Systems

How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want -Richard La Ruina

The Attraction Code -Vin DiCarlo

Seduce Her Kissing Secrets -Michael Ferris

Modern Romance -Aziz Ansari

Secrets of Sexual Tension -Vin DiCarlo

Texting Guide -HPRJ

Getting Laid In NYC -Paul Janka

Attraction Formula -Paul Janka

Sex Communication -David DeAngelo

Flawless Natural -RSD

Foundations -RSD

Transformations -RSD

The Blueprint Decoded -Real Social Dynamics

Speed Seduction -Ross Jeffries

How To Become An Alpha -John Alexander

How To Naturally Attract -Richard Bandler

Omega Male -Dr. Paul

Inner Game -David DeAngelo

Cocky Comedy -David DeAngelo




The Ethical Slut -Dossie Easton

Sex God Method

Don’t Sweat in Love -Richard Carlson

Sex At Dawn -Christopher Ryan***

The Relationship Cure -John Gottman

Mastery Of Love -Miguel Ruiz

Hold Me Tight -Sue Johnson

The Art of Loving -Eric Fromm

Crucial Conversations

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work -John Gottman***

5 Love Languages -Gary Chapman

How To Argue & Win Every time -Gerry Spence

Never Eat Alone -Keith Ferrazzi***

Sperm Wars -Robin Baker***

The Way of The Superior Man -David Deida***

Finding The Love of Your Life -Neil Clark Warren Ph.D

Love & War In Intimate Relationships -Solomon & Tatkin




As a Man Thinketh -James Allen

The Book of Not Knowing -Peter Ralston

Happiness is Free: And It’s Easier Than You Think -Hale Dwoskin

The Power Of Now -Eckhart Tolle

Tao Te Ching -Laozi

Meditations -Marcus Aurelius

The Seat of Soul -Gary Zukav

Art of Happiness -Dalai Lama

Spiritual Enlightenment -Jed Mckenna

Spiritual Warfare -Jed Mckenna

The Art of Being -Eric Fromm

The Book -Alan Watts

The Way of Zen -Alan Watts

A Brief History of Everything -Ken Wilbur

Loving What Is -Byron Katie***

The 4 Agreements -Don Miguel Ruiz***

A New Earth -Eckhart Tolle***

Ashanti Meditation




Creatures of a Day: And Other Tales of Psychotherapy -Irvin D. Yalom

Man’s Search for Meaning -Viktor Frankl

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem -Nathaniel Branden***

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life -Steven Hayes

Flow -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi***

Emotional Alchemy -Tara Bennett-Goleman

The Happiness Hypothesis -Jonathan Haidt

Learned Optimism -Martin Seligman

EMDR -Mark Grant Pain Control & Anxiety Release

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff -Richard Carlson

Narrative Therapy -Steven Madigan

Motivational Interviewing -William Miller




The Obstacle is The Way -Ryan Holiday***

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader -John Maxwell

Rich Dad, Poor Dad -Robert Kiyosaki

The Art of Seduction -Robert Greene

The Power of Full Engagement -Loehr Schwartz

Getting Things Done -David Allen

How To Win Friends And Influence People -Dale Carnegie

Talent Code -Daniel Coyle

Think & Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill***

The Power of Habit -Charles Duhig

The Now Habit -Neil Fiore***

The Magic of Thinking Big -David Schwartz

Mastery -Robert Greene***

Psychology Of Winning -Denis Waitley

The Selfish Gene -Richard Dawkins

Lifelong Success System -Igor Ledochowski

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyways -Susan Jeffers

50th Law -Robert Greene/50 Cent

4 Hour Work Week -Tim Ferris***

Eat That Frog -Brian Tracy***




Blink-The Power of Thinking Without Thinking -Malcolm Gladwell

Your Brain At Work -David Rock

Tipping Point -Malcolm Gladwell

Long Tail -Chris Anderson

King Warrior Magician Lover -Robert Moore

Brain That Changes -Norman Doidge

How We Decide -Jonah Lehrer

The Fountain Head -Ayn Rand***

The Righteous Mind -Jonathan Haidt