The Problem With Men Today

You’ve felt alone and isolated in your journey of self-development. You have read the books here and there. You have maybe even bought other programs promising to change you into the man you want.

So what’s missing?

Why are you still struggling to get the woman of your dreams, the money you deserve and the life you were born to create?

Two Types of Men

There are two types of men on this planet. Conquerors and Soldiers. Conquerors see the empire they want to create. They have a mission developed through trial and tribulation. This mission is white fire burning in their soul.

It propels them forward in life to achieve everything they want despite the inevitable obstacles along the way.

Then there are the soldiers. Soldiers follow the Conquerors. They are okay living a life of mediocrity. Never unlocking their true potential. The only thing that separates conquerors and soldiers is directed action.

The sad thing about humanity now is that we no longer have rituals and initiations to unlock conquerors in our society. Our fathers or schools do not teach men how to transform into the elite leaders that create in this world.

Armies of men now follow what they think a man is supposed to be. Staying in their own comfort zone and dying with their dreams never realized. Settling in relationships, seeking validation from others and numbing with drugs, porn, alcohol and video-games.


The truth about transformation is that it never occurs without outside pressure. As a living and breathing organism it is your job to survive. Not THRIVE!

Your brain and lower self will do ANYTHING to stay with the status quo

In order to develop unstoppable confidence and become the King of your empire you must join a brotherhood of men to level up your life.

Your Story

My name is Josh Hudson. I am a licensed therapist and creator of Pinnacle of Man. A community of men that reach their full potential with their relationships, careers and life.

Just a few years ago I was a weak soldier. I was depressed, bitter, jealous of other men and shy around any woman that I found even mildly attractive.

I was over 30k in debt and had absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Saying that I was lost is an understatement.

I lacked meaning, purpose or any motivation in life to achieve.

But there was a small part of me knew that I was destined for more. That I was not supposed to settle in this one life I was given.

The little money I did make, I spent on alcohol to numb my meaninglessness in life. I was depressed and thoughts of suicide were a daily occurrence.

After my next failed relationship with a girl I didn’t like, I decided enough was a enough.

That’s when I sought a mentor. Someone I respected. Someone that had a life that I wanted. He saved me. I joined a group of men that were striving to become better each and everyday.

I learned to unlock my inner purpose and values that every man should possess.

I now date the women that I would have been terrified to even talk to.

I make 20x as much money per hour

I travel the world and effortlessly meet and connect with other high-value men and women.

This unstoppable confidence did not come over night. It took me years of personal work and hundreds of books. I spend easily over $20,000 on courses, coaches, therapy and information over a decade to distill down the Top 12 habits all highly successful and powerful men possess.

What it Is ?

This is why I developed the Pinnacle Program.

The Pinnacle Program is designed to awaken the KING inside you. To become the man that is meant to conquer your dreams, attract that woman you deserve and to transform from the mindless soldier into the Conscious Conqueror you are meant to be.

It is a year long program where each month you master a new emotional habit. Our habits make us who we are. They spring us forward to achieve any and every goal we want.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”

I teach you life-changing strategies and practical habits that transform you into a completely different man.

You will become the hero of your own life by mastering

1. Focus
2. Discipline
3. Responsibility
4. Courage
5. Emotional Intelligence
6. Gratitude
7. Connection
8. Achievement
9. Productivity
10. Resilience
11. Organization
12. Transformation

What you get ?

  • Abundant Motivation – “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” – Freidreich Nietzchze
  • Once you unlock your eternal reason for being on this planet, an unlimited source of energy is available for you to conquer any and all goals you have in life.
  • Unmatched Discipline – Learn the strategy that the top 1% of high-performers use to never give into needless destructive habits.
  • Laser Focus – Develop unique techniques to stay focused on any task for hours at a time with no distractions.
  • Embracing Fear – Learn psychological hacks to change your relationship with fear. From one of dreading it. To embracing it on a daily basis.
  • Emotional Mastery – No longer will you be a slave to your emotions. You will be able to harness them and learn to use the process of alchemy to transform them into fuel for change and positive growth
  • Productivity 10x – Learn the simple tricks that people like Bill Gates, Brian Tracy, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins use to build an empire.
  • Identity Reconstruction – Analyze the blueprint of who you “think” you are. Then go about writing your own software code of the man you want to become

Much More….

  • One monthly master class where I distill information on each habit
  • Two monthly Fireside Q & A where we troubleshoot issues and obstacles you may be facing
  • Group of like-minded & motivated men that will help holding you accountable
  • 12 Monthly 30 day challenges to develop a new High-Performing Habit
  • Book Club distilling the information behind the habit change
  • Lifetime access to the group for added support
  • Bonus

Recorded interviews and videos on powerful information of other men who have gone through the same process

I am so confident that this course will change your life that I am offering all of this with

60 Day Money Back Guarantee​