Learn the Secrets of Social Dynamics & Female Psychology to Attract Women & Transform into Your Authentic Self


What Is This Book About?

There are hundreds of dating books out there for young men. Yet, with all of these resources, men still seem to be frustrated, confused, and distraught from not knowing how to attract the woman they feel they deserve. This is because most books and experts only give you techniques tips and advice from their own perspective. Just because it works for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. This is where Social Savant comes in.

Part I

I have scientifically discovered what exact traits women find attractive in men. I have read and labored over hundreds of research articles to show you precise concepts that women find objectively irresistible.

Part II

You cannot truly teach someone something unless you have experienced it for yourself. I grew up a total loser with women. I have spent the past decade molding into my “best” self through hours of painful experiences. I will share these experiences with you and teach you the precise laws of social dynamics that all people adhere to. These laws will serve to give you an advantage by turning you into a confident, authentic and fun person that everyone will love to be around.

Part III

This section teaches you how to have the “Perfect Night” out. After many failed nights, I have a full-proof method of how to go out to social gatherings and have the best night of your life every time! If you follow the exercises I teach you in the book then you will become the center of attention that gets every girl in the room asking “Who is that?”.

What Will You Get From Reading This Book?

  • Exercises to implement what I am teaching you.
  • Personal stories of my transformation from an introverted and shy loser to a confident and self-assured man.
  • Advanced techniques and tips to give you the edge over all other men.
  • A bonus chapter on how to text a girl with real conversations that I used.

Are ready to make a lasting change in your life? Are you fed up with the frustration of seeing that cute girl and not saying hi? Aren’t you sick of wondering what “could have happened” if you spoke to her? Stop letting these opportunities go by. Be the kind of person people marvel at when they see your confidence. Become that guy who everyone wants to be around. This is the last book you will ever need on this subject.

Without further ado – here’s the book:


Get it now, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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