I read forum after forum on dating websites. 90% of posts that men write all stem from the same problem. They value the women higher than themselves. It is the classic “putting the pussy in pedestal.” Why does this cause problems with attracting women?


Quite simply, men place women in a higher value position because they are looking to TAKE something from her. This inevitably leads to the guy coming off across as being “needy.” As we all know in the dating community, being needy is the ultimate attraction killer. Women get the same feeling from these men as you would from a bum on the street asking you for money.


There is one simple paradigm shift that you can make to erase ALL neediness you would ever have. All you do is adapt the mindset of abundance.


Let me explain. I went to Europe over this summer. The first cathedral/church I saw had me gasping in astonishment. There were pristine paintings and statues everywhere. The ceilings were 50 feet high and one couldn’t ignore the divine energy that was felt while inside. In the latter part of my trip (Around the 14th country) I was in the 18th and LAST church I’d ever want to see again. Its shock and awe had faded. The novelty was no more. How does this relate to women?


The abundance of churches made them seem just like a normal building. They weren’t so special and I did not care as much to see them. If you can realize that there are countless attractive women out there for you to see then they will stop being SO special.


Why do men have a problem with this obvious realization? Well we are stuck back in our primitive brains. We are used to the tribe mentality and therefore only hit on women in our social circle.


Ways to adapt Abundance


1. Start approaching any attractive woman you see- Most guys won’t do this because of the fear of rejection. Yes, this will lead to more rejections, but also to more abundance. Often times if you are rejected the first time, it does not mean you won’t have another chance. Plus, rejection is a learning experience.


2. Use Technology- Apps like Tinder and Match show you how many women you can potentially meet. When you browse through tons of women, you get a glimpse and feeling of what its like to be abundant.


Problem Solved After Abundance

When you adapt this mindset, the women in your life are not your main concern. You will successfully learn how to live the paradox of wanting women, but not needing them. You won’t be waiting to get that response text or worry what to say to a girl when you approach her. You will be natural and authentic. You will be YOURSELF without needing something from her. And there is NOTHING more sexy than that.

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    • Lukas

      Dear Josh, I was wondering how was your experience in approaching women in Europe?
      For example if you have been and done that in some non-English dominant speaking country?

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