Pinnacle of Man™

A majority of men in society are turning inward and choosing to escape reality through social media, videogames and pornography. Josh has personally seen the damaging effects that has had on millions of young men across the world. Pinnacle of Man utilizes its own Habit Construction Therapy (HCT) Method™ to help men quit porn for good within days of successful implementation.

In addition to quitting porn, many men are seeking help to save their marriage and re-attract their wives or potentially attract their ideal women. After working with 1,000+ men over the last 10 years, Josh has developed proprietary methods that consistently help men get results in those areas of their lives.

Josh has discovered what truly causes men to become the best version of themselves & achieve those health/wealth/relationship goals.

That’s why all of our methods focus on building a man from the core instead of focusing on surface-level techniques that never last.

Pinnacle of Man separates itself from the competition by only hiring coaches who are licensed therapists with thousands of clinical hours under their belt.

This produces the highest quality services and coaching in a world of fake gurus and empty promises.

Josh Hudson

Josh Hudson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) living in San Diego, California. He has completely dedicated his life to helping men overcome different obstacles so they can reach their full potential and live happier, more fulfilled lives. Josh specializes in coaching men who are struggling with low self-esteem, porn dependency, as well as those with social and relationship anxiety. Since he started in 2014, Josh has helped thousands of men completely transform their lives.

When not working, Josh spends his time playing soccer, recording YouTube content and networking with local high-performing individuals.

If Josh had his own baseball card, here’s some of what would show up on the back of it:

  • Co-Founder of Pinnacle of Man™ & Creator of Dopamine Discipline and Dating & Attraction Mastery Programs
    With over 15,000,000 total views, “Pinnacle of Man” YouTube channel has helped a lot of men shape their views on quitting porn, relationships, self-development and many other topics.
  • Content Creator for “Pinnacle of Man” YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers
    Creating courses like Dopamine Discipline and Dating & Attraction Mastery has enabled Josh to teach men how to recreate themselves into the man they want to become.
  • Author of “Social Savant: Learn the Secrets of Social Dynamics & Female Psychology to Attract Women & Transform Into Your Authentic Self”
    There are hundreds of dating books out there for young men. Yet, with all of these resources, men still seem to be frustrated, confused and distraught from not knowing how to attract the woman they feel they deserve. Josh’s book is a great read and brings a refreshing perspective on female psychology and the importance that authenticity and integrity have when it comes to attraction.

Coach Chris

Chris is a licensed therapist and coach from New Jersey. He has a passion for helping people develop healthy relationships and quit addictions by gaining self-acceptance. Establishing a deep connection and rapport with his clients is ultimately what helps them remove their obstacles to growth. Chris considers his clients fellow travellers throughout a journey of working together. Much of the adversity he works on overcoming with them, he has gone through himself. Chris says that he sees similar backgrounds and common themes between himself and clients who struggle with relationship and addiction difficulties.

Often they don’t feel truly accepted for who they were growing up.
Chris provides them with unconditional acceptance to help them grow and evolve into their fullest potential. He enjoys working with people who have the insight and self-awareness to dive deep into their inner world. Helping people make a long lasting change in their life is the most rewarding part of the whole experience, Chris says. “I look forward to the journey ahead of helping people achieve personal growth and development.” In addition to being a licensed therapist and coach, Chris is also a passionate musician.