Our Mission Is To Save Relationships and
Keep Families Together

We help men save their marriage despite relationship challenges, infidelity or divorce.

Our commitment is to help men create a passionate marriage full of love and intimacy with their wife, and become a role model to their children and generations to come. We are a community of strong men who do not give up on their families, and we are here to change the world, one saved marriage at a time.

We want to make sure that your family doesn’t just “survive.”

We want to make your marriage and family THRIVE…

That’s why we coach husbands to not only win their wife’s heart back, but to also become the best version of themselves (a high-value man). A high value man that their wife will look up to and will never consider leaving. A man who has a deep connection with his wife, a man whose wife feels understood, appreciated, respected… a man whose wife feels safe and is excited to be intimate daily….
We achieve success and turn around marriages daily.
It’s incredible and inspirational to see how with our help, hopeless marriages are saved in a matter of weeks. Our process firstly stops the bleeding and delays divorce, then addresses the core issues and helps husbands reignite passion, love and intimacy in their marriage. This foundation of growth allows husbands to become leaders and guide their wife and kids toward happy and fulfilling lives. The end result is a passionate marriage, a deep connection with others, and a meaningful life filled with purpose.

We Are Different

Therapy Is Outdated…

We Get Results With Our Solutions-Focused Approach!

Couples therapy model is broken. In fact, if you look at success rates of marriage counseling, the statistics are quite disappointing. Reality is, couples therapy for most marriages simply doesn’t work (according to studies, over 50% of marriages are worse 2 years after seeing a therapist than when they initially came in).

This is because:

    1. Therapy focuses on “problems” instead of “solutions.”
    2. “Talking about problems” causes unnecessary resentment and creates additional tension between spouses.
    3. Therapists are often caught playing referee between spouses who are subconsciously trying to appease the counselor.

Even if your wife wants to actively work on your marriage and is not checked out, therapy has a low chance of saving your marriage.
However, if your wife does NOT want to work on marriage, traditional therapy has
almost no chance of saving your marriage. Why?

If your wife is checked out and doesn’t want to work on marriage anymore, there’s nothing that a therapist could say or do to save your marriage, because counseling requires TWO to save the marriage.
After working with numerous clients as a licensed marriage and family counselor, I recognized many challenges of the traditional counseling model. And, over time, I’ve created a coaching model that has a significantly higher success rate than marriage counseling.

Information vs. Transformation

We don’t teach “information” on how to improve your relationship.

We TRANSFORM your relationship by guiding you step-by-step on what to say and do to win your wife back and turn around your marriage.

Most books, youtube videos, online courses, even coaches/therapists provide INFORMATION on how to improve relationships.

However, information is NOT ENOUGH!

Information without guidance, accountability and coaching to apply knowledge to your specific situation is useless.

Our Coaching Model

  • is solution focused “forward looking,” instead of problem focused “backwards looking”
  • gives specific step-by-step guidance on what to do in specific situations
  • is customized for every client
  • focuses on transformation rather than “information.”
  • does not require spouses to talk about the problems
  • works even if wife is checked out and doesn’t want to work on marriage anymore
  • is able to save marriages even when wife has moved out, already filed for divorce or is having an emotional affair with another man

Expert Team Of Coaches

Our mission is to not only save your relationship, but to help you reach your full potential as a man.

We do this through operating at full integrity in every aspect of your transformational journey. We use cutting-edge strategies that consistently get results. We have premium level support and, are the best relationship men’s coaching company in the world (**according to feedback from our clients who came to us after attending competitors’ programs).

This is why millions of men have watched our content and thousands have trusted us to change their lives working with them individually or through our coaching programs.

We are on a mission to help one million men from around the world embrace their masculinity, reject modernity and walk through this world with silent power so they can live fulfilling lives.

Coach Josh

Josh Hudson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has spent thousands of hours helping men save their marriages. Josh scoured the world learning from the best mentors and masters of behavioral change. He has accumulated the most efficient practices into a modality that helps turn around marriages that are on the brink of divorce.

His new modality has been sought out by top experts and news experts to educate on how to save marriages and how to thrive in a modern marriage by helping men become masculine leaders in their relationships.

Coach Stacey

Stacey brings over a decade of experience working with men across the globe, specializing in the facilitation of deep healing and lasting transformation. Her unwavering passion lies in guiding clients to uncover the core of their behavioral patterns, ultimately leading to lasting changes that emanate from within. She has also operated her own private practice for several years, honing her expertise in nurturing personal growth and transformation.

This calling is rooted in a two-decade-long personal journey where Stacey overcame her own toxic patterns, particularly co-dependence, through the 12-step program. Her triumph over trauma fuels her mission to empower others, turning pain into power and internal slavery into sovereignty. Stacey’s genuine care and unwavering commitment make her an inspiring guide for those seeking transformation in their marriages and personal lives.

Coach Tom

Coach Kristin from Pinnacle of Man - marriage mastery coaching for men

Tom has over a decade of experience working as a coach and has  published 3 books over the years. He initially worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist, before applying our proven coaching concepts for saving marriages.  He has a Masters degree of Counseling and Psychotherapy, and Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science. As a coach, Tom helps men identify their patterns, integrate their pasts, and live more fulfilling lives. He relies heavily on his training in existential psychotherapy, helping men reflect upon the deeper meaning of their lives.

Tom believes wholeheartedly that when men can successfully examine their inner worlds and discover their core missions and values,  their relationships will truly thrive. He practices what he preaches and his empathy shines through when coaching men because he sees in them may aspects of himself.

Coach Kristin from Pinnacle of Man - marriage mastery coaching for men

Coach Kristin

Kristin is an executive leader who has helped thousands of people with their personal development in the corporate and non-profit space.  She feels privileged to combine her strengths in leading, coaching, and mentoring to provide valued insight from a place of compassion to every client.

Kristin’s method to partnering with clients is holistic in nature.  She digs into all areas of life at the practical, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral levels.  She helps clients to uncover the blocks that are keeping them from transforming.  She provides a customizable approach for each individual.  This includes clients taking massive action while simultaneously gaining clarity about how to thrive in their relationships in the most loving and conscious way.

Coach Kristin from Pinnacle of Man - marriage mastery coaching for men

Coach Hailee

Hailee Ingleton, PhD, is an esteemed coach whose philosophy is guided by the belief that identity is central to resolving conflicts and personal growth. With a doctorate in Psychology focused on conflict resolution and expression, Hailee combines academic rigor with practical experience. Her past decade has been dedicated to enhancing individuals’ understanding of themselves, particularly in the context of marital and interpersonal relationships.
Hailee’s coaching style is deeply rooted in her research and experience as a creative problem-solving consultant. She creates a nurturing and insightful environment, enabling individuals, especially men, to confront and overcome challenges related to identity, confidence, and personal history. Her work in empowering men to overcome generational cycles and build a strong sense of self has made her a sought-after figure in the field.
Clients appreciate Hailee for her solution-focused approach and her dedication to helping them become the best versions of themselves. She believes in the transformative power of self-awareness and guides her clients with empathy, clarity, and practical strategies.


Coach Kristin from Pinnacle of Man - marriage mastery coaching for men


Even If Your Wife Already Filed For Divorce